20% of UK homes depend completely on electricity

Approximately 80% of UK homes have a gas link-up. So 5 million households are entirely dependent on electricity in their house. With more people switching to solar power more people will ditch gas and rely completely on solar generated electricity to power their homes. Generating your own electricity will mean considerable savings on your monthly expenses.

Helped by government subsidies solar energy has taken flight in the UK. This explains that electric water heaters continue to be in demand. More homes switching to solar energy has also resulted in an increase in the sales of electric central heating boilers in the past couple of years.

Moreover, in recent years electric water heaters have become increasingly economical due to better insulation and a smart thermostat reducing power consumption.

Energy-efficient electric water heaters

On our website we have an extensive range of energy-efficient electric water heaters. That range we call our eco boiler range. These products all have the latest in insulation to retain the temperature optimally. And the fitted smart eco controllers help minimize electrical losses reducing its power consumption.

Provide your own energy with solar PV panels

Why not use the energy you generate with your solar panels to heat up your house, shower and the kitchen sink?

The advantages are obvious:

  • Provide your own energy

  • Minimize your ecological footprint

  • Slash your energy bills

All that is required is that you purchase an electric system boiler for heating your home. And an electric storage water heater to provide hot water to shower, kitchen and bathroom sink. Stop using gas and revert to electricity.

Please consult the following webpage for affordable, energy-efficient electric water heaters. And for heating your house head to electric heating boilers