3 Battery Saver Tips for your iPhone

As you might know, there are lots and lots of Battery Saver Apps available for your iPhone. When you open the AppStore and search for battery saver or battery booster you will find a bunch of Apps. They all state they significantly increase your battery life. But instead of using some vague App, you can directly start with the following top tips to increase the battery life of your iPhone. For more detailed informarmation please check out Battery Saver for iPhone

1. Disable location services
Disable location services: You can do this by going to Settings –> Privacy –> Location Services and slide it off.A major option that really harms your battery life is the location service. Sometimes it is really nice to enable this function. For example when you are using a navigation app like Maps or when you are looking for a store in your environment. But when it is not necessary to share your location with certain Apps or services, you can better turn it off. 

2. Don’t turn on bluetooth all the time
You can go to settings –> bluetooth and turn it off. You can also slide below your screen to open the quick options screen. A very obvious tip, but still lots of people enable bluetooth without using it. Of course, sometimes you can’t without Bluetooth. For example when you are wearing a smartwatch or when you are calling handsfree in your car. But when you are not actively using some bluetooth device you can better turn bluetooth off. It is widely known that Bluetooth is still an important battery drainer. 

3. Get rid of dynamic backgrounds
Some people love the dynamic backgrounds that iOS 7 and iOS 8 offer. You can see these backgrounds move which looks very nice and smooth. However, this decreases the battery life of your iPhone. There is not an option to turn of such backgrounds. All you have to do is just not select such an dynamic background. Instead, choose an static nice background and you will see your battery last a lot longer than before!

Are you not an iPhone user, and are you looking for Battery Saver App for Motorola or Battery Saver App for Huawei. These are just soms tips and tricks that are specific for iPhone users. On the blog batterysaverapps.com you can also find tips, apps, reviews and more about other operating systems like Andorid, Windows Phone and Symbian.