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5 reasons to hire a wedding DJ

Many engaged couples want to save some money on their wedding. They often ask a friend to make a music playlist for the wedding reception. However, many couples don’t realize that using an amateur DJ actually comes with a high price tag. Here are 5 reasons why you need to hire a professional wedding DJ for your big day.

 The right equipment

Hiring a professional and experienced DJ for your wedding reception ensures that the right equipment is available for a successful performing. The right equipment can fill a venue with all your favourite songs.


A professional wedding DJ reads the crowd to determine if the songs are going over well. He will select the right songs in the playlist and will entertain the crowd successfully.

Professional experience

A professional wedding DJ has a long resume of experience performing at similar events. Evenses hires DJ’s who are comfortable to speak and perform in front of large groups. They can make announcements calmly.


A professional wedding DJ is reliable and works with an entertainment company, like Evenses. When you book a DJ at an entertainment company, you don’t need to worry whether your booked DJ will show up. If he is unable to perform, the entertainment company will be on hand to source a replacement.

Unbeatable variety

A wedding DJ has a database of thousands of songs. He will most likely have all your favourite songs and special requests available.