A concrete floor, nice design ànd comfortably warm!

Concrete floors a cool appearance?

Indeed they are very cool from a design point of view, but can also be very warm from a confort point of view if you combine it with underfloor heating.

Underfloor heating

A common misunderstanding about concrete or screeded floors floors is that this would have a cool appearance. Thanks to a huge range of colour options this is now a thing of the past. By applying warm tones along with natural materials such as wood and beautiful fabrics, creates a warm atmosphere.

In addition to this optical effect, feels a cast floor also physically nice and warm if fitted with underfloor heating. The equipment takes the ambient temperature and feels naturally comfortable, also to bare feet. A polished screeded floor can without any problem be fitted with underfloor heating. Even the material is particularly suitable for heat because it is easy. Other unique features include a natural look, high abrasion resistant and scratch resistance, fluid density, anti-allergic properties and a very long lifespan.

A screeded or cast floor consists of different layers that are mixed and applied on site. Each floor has its own character and makes every floor look different. Because of the relatively small thickness of the floor, ranging from 2 to 5 millimeters, this floor is suitable for refurbishement projects as it can be applied to almost any existing floor. For Incognito underfloor heating Glasgow this is a great outcome because of the many refurbishements projects they work on in the city of Edinburgh.

Cast flooring

Because a cast floor has a closed top layer, the floor is extremely low maintenance. Generally, vacuuming (with a soft brush) and once a week cleaning with water and a neutral detergent is sufficient. The cast floor is not prone to smudges, food scraps, liquids like tea, coffee, wine and fats do not enter the floor and are therefore very easy to clean. All cast floors are available according to the extensive standard color palette of DRT-floors.