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A material handling equipment supplier that meets the requirements of your industry

Do you need a material handling equipment supplier that is able to meet all your requirements? Then J-Tec is surely the right partner for your company and industry. As a subsidiary of Katoen Natie, they provide the leading players in the chemical and food industries from all over the world with high-quality and innovative automated material handling systems and process engineering solutions. They are specialized in designing, supplying, building, and maintaining processing systems for powders, pellets, and liquids. Moreover, their specialists always use short lines of communication to serve their customers in the best possible way. The highly qualified and experienced in-house engineers who work at this material handling equipment supplier have extensive knowledge in the international market.

A worldwide specialist

J-Tec has been a material handling equipment supplier since 1970, which makes this company a prominent international player in this business. Over the years, it has expanded its wide range of engineering products and solutions and its specialists have worked with many international clients and customers in the food and chemical industries. Today, J-Tec operates in Brazil, Poland, Austria, Germany and has a regional office in Texas, USA, which was opened in 2015. Recently, they also started an Asian headquarter in Rayong, Thailand, one of the most dynamic industrial hubs of this region. Their strength lies in the personal approach they bring to every single project. J-Tec is also supplier independent, meaning they always provide a tailored solution.

Benefit from the perfect installation

In line with the agreed performance expectations of their customers, this company has the capacity to transform an optimal design into the perfect installation. You can cooperate with this company when you need single process lines, as well as complete turnkey installations. Do you need more information about their solutions, products, and services? Do not hesitate to contact the specialists from J-Tec and ask your questions.