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A revolutionary Breeding software for every agriculture company

Breeding software, created by Agro Business Solutions, is very helpful for breeders. With this software you will be able to organize and centralize in a SAAS solution. The breeding software is a multi-user application. This means that is safely and easily accessible from different locations. Furthermore, multiple users can get access to the data at the same time. You can adjust the user settings for easy and reliable management reporting. Moreover, the workflow is very logical and user-friendly. It guides all breeders easily through the process. Every breeder can customize the breeding software to fit their personal needs. The user-friendliness is one of the many reasons that this program is used by a variety of international agriculture companies all over the world.

The advantages of the Breeding program

To use the breeding software from Agro Business Solutions, it is not necessary to have your own IT-infrastructure. Therefore, the software is a cost-friendly alternative. This makes it accessible for every company to always have real-time insight in all your chances. It makes it possible to enter, check and analyse your breeding and variety trials. The breeding software manages your company’s trials. Furthermore, it administers trademarks, your company’s variety marks and sales.

Ask for an online demonstration and find out for yourself

In short, the breeding software is absolutely essential for every agriculture company. It provides you with useful insights and a valuable overview of your company, so that you will work in an efficient way. These professionals, based in The Netherlands, are not only nationally orientated. They also provide their services to agriculture companies from all over the world. Would you like to know more about the software? Ask for an online demonstration, so that you will immediately see how the program works. You can also contact these professionals by sending them an email.