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Beauty and Personal Care

Anti-aging specialist

Does that frown line bother you more and more? Do you have pigmentation spots or dark circles under your eyes? Perhaps you are unhappy with your body contours? Come and visit Van Lennep Kliniek in The Hague or Oegstgeest. The clinic is run by the highly-experienced cosmetic doctor Ludy Holst.

Her specialty is anti-aging in cosmetic medicine. Various treatments for both men and women make the skin smoother, younger, and more beautiful. A treatment that looks at the overall picture creates the most beautiful and natural result.

Van Lennep has three locations: two in The Hague and one in Oegstgeest. You can always come by for free advice. Making an appointment is even better, so that you are sure to receive all the attention you need.

Aging skin

Facial wrinkles, but also wrinkles in the neck and décolleté arise as the skin ages. Aging skin slacks, which creates fine lines. If a certain wrinkle really bothers you, you can certainly do something about it. There are treatments with injectables, such as Botox, Profhilo, and fillers. Treatments without injectables are also an option. Ludy Holst or one of her colleagues can advise you on this during a first intake. This consultation is free of charge and the advice is, of course, without any commitment.

Drooping mouth corners, full lips

Do you want to know more about lip fillers? Filling or enlarging the lips is primarily done to give them a fuller, more beautiful look. A lip filler is very suitable for:

-balancing out uneven lips;

-giving thin lips more volume;

-giving aging lips a younger look;

-reducing lip scars;

-making smokers’ lines around the lips less visible.

At Van Lennep Kliniek, we do not only look at the lips, but at the whole face. This is because filling the lips alone does not provide the desired effect. Every treatment is completely safe, and the end result is as natural as possible. In general, you can enjoy the effects of the lip filler for nine months up to a year. Of course, you can always come back to the clinic for a second treatment. For more information, please contact Van Lennep Kliniek. Call 070 – 737 00 88 or send us an email.