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Commercial photographer Netherlands


Historically, The Netherlands have strong international links with countries and businesses all around the world. It’s location on the North-Sea coast of Europe with rivers connecting the country with the rest of Europe the country played a central role in international trade and it still does. These days it is not just rivers that link the country with the rest of the world. Schiphol airport is one of the biggest aviation hubs in the world and the country also has excellent road and rail links with Germany, Belgium, France and the United Kingdom. Internet usage uis one of the highest per capita in the world and the it infrastructure is one of the fastest in the world. Most houses have cable internet connection and the fibre optics network is expanding fast. 

We may have lost the opportunity to make Dutch the world language when we sold Manhattan (called New Amsterdam at the time) to the English for 1 dollar (?!), but we still have a strong international presence.


Commercial photographer Netherlands

The downside is that not a lot of people in the world speak Dutch and when you want your business to be found on the internet you need to have landing-pages in the English language. Commercial photographer Vincent Hartman of STUDIOVHF did just that and the page is live since august 2014. It has climbed the rankings in the search-engines pretty quickly since then en has recently landed a commission from an American advertising agency for Industrial Photography.

Industrial photography Europe

(assignment for industrial photography in Zwolle, The Netherlands)

An advertising agency based in New Jersey hired STUDIOVHF for industrial photography of a minerals company near Zwolle. Photographer Vincent Hartman has near native English language skills and was more then happy to communicatie with the customer. The job was completed withis 3 weeks of the initial contact to everybody’s satisfaction. 

STUDIOVHF is a professional photostudio in the east of The Netherlands is based near Zwolle. The location is central to cover the whole of the country and acces to the German road system is within reach. The studio a versatile photographic services company and is specialized in advertising photography, corporate photography as well as interiors and editorial.