Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy


This may surprise you, but electrochemical impedance spectroscopy is not a concept that is widely known outside of the biochemical and micro-engineering fields. Although it has grown enormously in both potential and popularity, most regular citizens would not have clue as to the use and benefits of  electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. It is, in fact, a very exciting technique, that allows an enormously accurate measuring of chemical processes involving some type of electric current. The applications for a technique based on electric current in chemical reactions are countless. If you only think of all the chemical processes that make up our daily lives: cooking, washing up, connecting with other people (yes, this is a chemical one as well). Our world exists the way it does because of chemistry. In order better to understand and even to control these processes, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy is of great help by expanding our knowledge of huge variety of chemical reactions.

How electrochemical impedance spectroscopy is used

The technique of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy is mainly applied in order to measure and control natural or human built electrochemical systems. Think, for example, of the following things:

  • Food production;
  • Solar cells;
  • Industrial coating;
  • Medicine;
  • Photoelectrochemistry.

Correct measuring renders huge amounts of useful information, either to monitor and analyze a system or to learn how it works.

Accurate measuring

In order to guarantee a consistent level of measuring in the application of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, one must make sure he orders his parts and materials from a trusted dealer. Ideally, the customer can even adjust the dimensions of the chip, in order for it to fit seamlessly into the designed workflow for a specific procedure. If the customer himself lacks the technical knowledge to build himself a measuring installation fort his technique, he can order a complete functional installation online.