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Five best cities to visit in the USA this upcoming holiday

With Christmas bells ringing around the corner, its vacation time for everyone. If you want to visit and travel around the USA, you’ll have a bucket list of options. The USA destinations are diverse as there are over two hundred cities. Likewise, every city in the USA is famous for something. You’ll find spectacular national parks like Yellowstone National Park in Montana. Or visit cities like New York famous for sky-high buildings, fashion, and food.

Visit Los Angeles for its party culture or explore Chicago as a modern metropolis. If you are a nature and history lover, visit South American cities like Peru. Therefore, you have a long bucket list to choose between snow or sand, life, and history or both. The USA tourism industry record states that over eighty million visitors visit this dream destination each year.

A majority of them book rent a car to marvel inside a city. Car rental, USA is also accessible if you like scenic road trips, you can find more information here. It is the best way to explore South America’s hot-spot destinations. USA rental cars are therefore always in demand among all enthusiastic tourists visiting this country. But which city to visit? It is not an easy task to decide. Don’t worry, and we have our expert advice about the five best cities to visit in the USA this upcoming holiday.

Let’s explore them in detail…

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a dream city in the USA. If you want to explore the most glamorous USA destinations, keep this city on the top of your travel itinerary list. The city houses diversified attractions for kids and adults alike. From cultural venues to Zoo, you’ve everything out there. Better, if you rent a car and move around. Explore the city’s attractions at your own pace with the USA, rent a car in Los Angeles.


If you are a jazz lover, visit nowhere other than Chicago. It is one of the lively USA destinations. Chicago is all about music, theatre, and stage performances. In addition to the city’s music scene, there are gorgeous beaches, stunning museums, and beautiful parks. If you don’t want to miss any attractions, book rent a car and drive around on your own.


Dallas is another popular destination in the USA. What attracts tourists most is the food scene in Dallas. Try barbecues and steak while you marvel around this USA city in a rented car. Also, visit the Indoor Trampoline Park, which is an excellent place to spend time with family.

New York City

NYC needs no introduction as the top USA destinations. It is the city housing the famous Central Park, iconic Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building and others. New York City’s food and fashion scene will give you are a memorable experience. You have options to hire rental cars and marvel around for exploring the city’s attractions. Majority of the tourist finds it as a convenient option.

San Francisco

San Francisco is a happening destination in the USA. Tourists vote this as the best holiday destination in the USA. From culture, food, and art, the city offers a treasure trove of enriched gastronomy. Book a rent a car and move around, you’ll seriously fall in love with this USA destination.

So, which are the USA destinations you’re planning to visit? Don’t forget commenting below!