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Happy Time With The Best DC Figures In 2023

Whether you’re a collector or simply a fan of the DC universe, figures are a great way to show your support and adoration. In 2023, there are some incredibly exciting releases due to come out, and with so many options, it can be tough to know which figures are the best to invest in. Our list of the best DC figures in 2023 will help you make the right decision and will ensure that your collection is the best it can be.


One of the standout figures due to be released in 2023 is the Batman

The Dark Knight Returns figure. This is a 1/6 scale figure that is incredibly detailed, and while it may be pricier than other figures, it’s worth the investment for such a high-quality piece. This figure is designed to replicate the Gotham City after the retirement of Bruce Wayne, and it comes with interchangeable hands and light-up features, making it one of the most impressive figures on the market.


Superman fans will be excited to hear about the upcoming Superman

Red Son figure, which is another 1/6 scale figure. This figure replicates the comic book series in which Superman is raised in the Soviet Union instead of the United States, and it offers a unique and alternative portrayal of the hero. The figure’s quality is on par with the Dark Knight Returns figure, so if you are a fan of Superman, this is a must-have addition to your collection.

In 2023 we will also see the release of the Deathstroke figure designed by Jim Lee, which is a 1/4 scale figure. This figure features an extremely high level of articulation and detail, including a variety of weapons such as his katana sword, guns, and grenades. Although it’s not as massive as other figures, it certainly packs a punch as one of the most intricate and impressive figures of 2023.

Another of the figures due to be released in 2023 is the Harley Quinn from Birds of Prey, which is a 1/3 scale figure. This figure is both visually stunning and incredibly detailed, with a variety of interchangeable parts giving collectors the ability to customize and display the figure in however they see fit. It’s an excellent addition to any Harley Quinn fan’s collection.


The final figure we will be discussing is the Batman

Arkham Knight Nightwing figure. This figure is a 1/6 scale figure and is an incredible recreation of the fan-favorite character from the popular Batman video game. The figure features a high level of detail and articulation, with a sleek and impressive design. If you’re a fan of the Batman video games, this figure is a must-have.

2023 is looking like an outstanding year for DC figure collectors, with so many exciting releases due to hit shelves. Whether you’re a fan of Batman or Superman, villains like Deathstroke or Harley Quinn, or other characters within the DC universe, there is something for everyone. These figures are satisfying both from an artistic and collector standpoint, so be sure to keep an eye on what is to come from the DC universe’s long list of 2023 releases.