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HollandZorg health insurance

Are you an employer who temporarily employs foreign employees? Or are you a migrant worker who will be working in the Netherlands for a certain period of time? HollandZorg offers a number of important advantages for both parties. Taking out health insurance is mandatory, even for people who are only living and working in the Netherlands temporarily. Applying for Dutch healthcare insurance is often quite a hassle, though. That’s why HollandZorg specializes in providing health insurance especially for migrant workers.

Advantages for the employer

HollandZorg makes it easy for employers to arrange health insurance for their foreign employees. Applying for health insurance is quick and easy, and when the employee leaves it’s simple to cancel their health insurance as well. In that case the policy number and health insurance card will be maintained, making quick re-registration possible. As an employer you use an employer portal where you can check the policy administration of your employees. You’ll have insight into all of the insurance details of your employees and will be able to manage many things online. 

Advantages for the employee

As an employee, when you take out health insurance in the Netherlands via HollandZorg you’ll have a choice of various supplementary and dental insurance options. This enables you to decide for yourself for which type of care you want insurance. We’ll send you an EHIC card, which entitles you to reimbursement for medically necessary care in EU and EEA countries. When you submit your claim with us, you can count on reimbursement within ten working days. In addition, you can use our ‘Zorgzoeker’ (Care Finder) to look for specialized general practitioners who are affiliated with us.

More information

All of the other advantages that you benefit from at HollandZorg are listed on our website. Here you’ll find more information about our health insurance and also, for example, details on the healthcare allowance for foreigners. Of course you can also always contact us to talk to us in person.