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How useful can long range RFIDs be in gated communities?

When you picture your perfect society, you probably imagine a place where you’re free to live your life just the way you want. This implies living in an environment where you’re allowed to act that way. Safety is something we all take for granted since we rarely see ourselves at risk. Sadly, our world can be hostile, and steps to ensure our safety must be in place.
Invasions of privacy like gated community living is a choice made by inhabitants for the sake of promised security. What could be safer than a gate that wards off all threats? However, not all gated communities are as devoted to security as some are. Entry points in gated communities are a notorious area of lax security.
Long range RFID is an exceptional security device that is a fantastic way for gated communities to enhance their security. Using this method, accessible at nedapidentification.com, security for these gated communities has been upgraded. Keep reading to see if this technology could assist your community.

So, what exactly is it?
Radio frequency identification, or RFID, employs radio frequencies to track and identify items. Essentially, it’s a tech-driven traffic management system with several critical components that aid in the tracking of objects, in this case, vehicles. This technology is frequently applied in traffic management and enhancing the security in, for example, a gated community.

How does the system work?
You may be surprised how simple and convenient the deployment of long-range RFID in gated communities can be. The entire long-range RFID system consists of three essential elements: the reader, tag, and antenna. The reader and the antenna are installed at the points of entrance and departure. The reader and antenna collaborate to transmit a signal to the tags on the vehicles. Every vehicle within the gated community will have the tags attached to gain entry. When a vehicle with the tag approaches the entrance, the reader and antenna transmit and receive signals from the tag and the gate opens in response.