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In the well-known, popular and trendy Concept Store, Soul Objects in Berlin, you can find the best and most actual Lifestyle, Vintage and Grooming Products. You can buy them in the Concept Store in Berlin or over the online shop – They are unique in their quality and very specialized. For example the grooming products from Antica Barbieria Colla, Italy. It has a long history and the roots are where it has to be, in the barber shop.

Grooming Products in the Concept Store

Dino Colla, a barber from Ferrara, opened his barber shop Antica Barbieria Colla in Via Manzoni, 19 in 1904. Hundred years of history of hair and bristly beards. In Milan were 320,000 dwellers when Dino Colla was running his business in a world that is not easy to imagine today, trams, horse-drawn carriages crossing the streets and the first cars. Colla’s success was largely due to his “style”, the way he used to run the salon and the business. Serving customers wasn’t his main duty whereas he preferred coordinating and training his staff. Thanks to his managerial approach he was able to deliver a 5-star service. Famous grooming techniques used at that time were: after shaving steaming hot towels, “sfumatura a candela” haircut, the first shampoos made of Marseilles soap flakes, bitter almond oil, egg, rum and salt. Colla pioneered a manicure service in his salon.

Grooming and Dino Colla

Two beautiful girls were in charge of delivering that.

Dino Colla was not only a pioneer in customer service, he also fostered a mutual association of hairdressers and promoted a successful referendum that set Monday as a day off. After several years, the salon’s success was widely acclaimed and started to be attended as a lounge for meetings, almost like a British club. It was indeed used by authorities for important events such as the inauguration of the Milanese International Exhibition. As the business and success were growing, Colla decided that the salon deserved more room, thus he moved in Via Verdi 2 (at the intersection with Via Manzoni) just right opposite Teatro alla Scala in 1919 (end of the World War I).

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