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Notable events to attend in Gdynia

Gdynia has a great calendar for the event, and new numbers are being added each year. When bids are made to host international pop festivals, the Baltic is usually on top, and the new Heineken Opener Festival is also considering being a permanent fixture. You’ll surely find a good even for you in the Tri-City. The spring and summer season is the busiest period, with some marvelous excursions into theatre, music and the maritime realm. There also are many restaurants in Gdynia. One of them is these restaurants is the gard. This restaurant can be found on the very first floor of the courtyard hotel in Gdynia.

The International Festival of Street that draws acrobatic characters and comical feature as one of the star shows. Expect a dazzling display in which the lines between actor and performer are blurred… Gdansk’s Musical Summer is yet another festival that boasts of big international names, whereby classical concerts are run across the city. Gdansk is St. Dominic’s Fair is one of the most prestigious and oldest annual events, which started in the year 1260 when the Dominican monks were granted the right to hold a fair by Pope Alexander IV in Gdansk. This festival also includes different types of events from firework displays to concerts.

One of the most important celebrations established event is Gdynia’s Film Festival. While the last notable event is Sail Gdansk, this event is celebrated in July, and it’s a must for maritime maniacs as it sees the Bay come alive with a flotilla of fantastic sailing vessels. Below is a list of festivals and events you can attend in Gdynia when next you visit.

•January – Gdansk Dance Corporation

•March – Topienie Marzanny (the Drowning of Marzanna)

•April – Gdansk Spring Festival, Palm Sunday and Easter

•May – City Festival

•June – Gdansk Music Summer, Concerts of Classical Music, St. John’s Opera Nights, Opera Festival, Sense of Humour Festival

•July – Heineken Music Festival, International Festival of Organ Music in Oliwa, International Festival of Organ, Choir and Chamber Music, Gdansk Musical Stage, Feta – International Festival of Open Air and Street Theatre, Performances, dancers, stilt walkers, mimes amidst the beautiful scenery of Gdansk’s historic streets, Nord/LB Baltic Sprint Cup, Seafaring yacht regattas, “Baltic Sail” International Sailing Rally – “Sail Gdansk”, Competition upon the high seas, Shanties at the Crane festival, On the Olowianka Island

•August – St. Dominic’s Fair, Centuries old trade fair and festival, Gdynia Beach Party, Rave it up on Gdynia’s beach, Music in Old Gdansk, Gdansk Carillon Festival, and Unique musical event in Poland, Shakespeare Festival, Gdansk Mayor Cup Regattas, Gdansk Dance Corporation

•September- Sopot Festival, Bay of Gdansk Days – Dni Zatoki Gdanskiej, Kite Festival, Gdynia Film Festival

•October – Yach Film, Polish Videoclip Festival, Jazz Jantar Festival

•December- Christmas Eve in Gdansk, New Year’s Party



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