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Synthetic dreadlock extensions that perfectly suit your style

Synthetic dreadlock extensions look good in any type of hair, no matter the length and hair structure. These versatile extensions also come in a variety of lengths, colors and thicknesses themselves, which means there is always an option that suits your style perfectly. This is especially true when you purchase your extensions from Dreadshop, because this specialized web shop carries a large variety of synthetic dreadlock extensions. You can buy separate extensions here, but they also offer complete kits that come with the tools necessary to apply the extensions to your hair. When it comes to these so-called dreadsets, you have the choice between a set for a full head, a half head, accents or a self-made set. Either way there are dreads that perfectly meet your needs.

An extensive product range with extensions, hair care products and more

Dreadshop offers more than just an extensive range of synthetic dreadlock extensions. They also sell hair care products that help keep your locks looking gorgeous and that lengthen the lifespan of your extensions. Next to that, they offer a variety of workshops, for instance to teach you how to apply the dreads. Even tools and various accessories can be found in the extensive product range that is completely geared to cater to the needs of dreadlock lovers. Whether you have always loved dreads or you have newly fallen in love with them, in this web shop you will certainly find some synthetic dreadlock extensions that are perfect for you.

Order all your dreadlock products online

All the high-quality products from Dreadshop can easily be purchased online. Simply add the desired products to your shopping cart, pay with one of the many safe payment options and your order will be shipped to you with the utmost care. On top of that, this company does not use plastic packaging, so by ordering from them you are also doing the environment a favor.