The Best Belasting Consulent In Enschede

The Best Belasting Consulent In Enschede written by: milly245

The Best Belasting Consulent In Enschede

Belasting Consulent is Dutch name meaning tax consultant. The tax consultant in Enschede by de Jong & Laan is the best tax consultant company in Enschede. They are a company who not only thinks as a tax Consultant Company but thinks with you as an entrepreneur as well. They help you with all sorts of tax issues which include;

· Accuracy related penalties

· Trade or business expenses

· Gross income

· Summons enforcements

· Appeals from collection due process hearings

· Failure to file and failure to pay penalties

· Charitable deductions

· Frivolous issues penalties

· Civil actions to enforce federal tax liens

· Relief from joint and several reliability

They also work with Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) to help solve other business related issues which include; Make use of belastingadviseurs in Twente

Preparing financial statement

Financial statements are very important for any business as they help the business owners keep track of the financial status of their business.

Regulate tax

Regulation of tax is also a very important task of a business.


They help business owners to manage their payroll issues. Payroll can be a very challenging task for any entrepreneur, but they ensure that the burden is less on you and heavier on them.


They also offer advice on how to manage resources wisely. Resources can cause the rise or fall of a business depending on how they are managed. They ensure that your resources are an asset to your company and not a liability.

Buy and sell services

They offer any advice entrepreneurs may have concerning any sort of buy and selling services. They help you identify which selling services will benefit your business and which buying services are advisable for your business. They help you avoid making financial mistakes that will later cost your company.


They also help you deal with all the labor issues that your business may be facing. Labor is a very important element in any business hence needs to be focused to ensure the continued success of the business.

The tax consultant in Enschede by de Jong & Lang is just what your company needs. They are discreet; hence you can be sure that all your company issues are safe with them. They are professional, meaning that all your issues will be solved in the best way possible and by professionals. They are people oriented, serving you and ensuring that all your problem are solved is their first priority