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The innovations of parking

The past few centuries have seen rapid human development. And it only seems that the pace of innovations is increasing. This also applies to the field of parking. Where in the early days of the automobile you didn’t even have parking spaces, it is now quite normal to come across a parking garage. But there are many other innovations coming in the field of parking. Companies like Lodige UK are working hard to improve the experience of car users and local developers. Curious to know what parking innovations are coming? In this blog, you’ll discover the main developments.

The era of the car lift
First of all, the car lift has become increasingly popular recently. This is due to several reasons. Firstly, by means of a car lift, it is no longer necessary to drive down a slope to a parking space. Therefore, a car driver does not have to pay attention anymore during this dangerous part. Secondly, a car lift frees up a lot of space in a building. A ramp and the associated road are no longer necessary. This means that a developer or architect has suddenly found space in a building that can be used for something else. It’s no wonder that this parking innovation is extremely popular.

Parking via an app
Another parking innovation has been made possible by the rise of the smartphone. Smartphones make it possible to use all kinds of applications. Now, an application has been developed that helps you park. There is an app that tells you which parking spaces are free. This saves a lot of time. There are even apps where you can deposit parking fees with a simple button and not even have to get a ticket from a parking meter. Both apps are very time-saving and therefore definitely worth recommending.

Self-parking cars
Finally, the era of self-parking cars is almost here. Some cars can even do this already. The only thing lagging behind is the legislation in this area. But in a few years, it will be normal to get out of your car in front of a restaurant and steer it away to a nearby parking space. This is how a driver’s life will become easier and easier.