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Fashion and Clothing

The Short skirts and dresses are trendy comfortable

The short skirts that we have seen a lot in recent years are real fashion from the streets. Instead, we are going to wear knee-length, dressed shorts with a nice matching blouse
The length of the skirt varies, from long to short. But also skirt lengths on or just above the knee and up to mid-calf. Dresses and skirts have a romantic, feminine appearance because of the ruffles and materials. Transparent fabrics versus leather, you can see it all.


Shop2fashion dresses are in high quality materials

Dresses come in all sorts of variants. You have pants of straight, wide, or tight slim fit. The eighties have a major influence on fashion, this is reflected in the high waistlines. The length of the dress goes from short to long and everything in between. The long dress can be really long with dress that touch the ground. A combination of materials.

Different size of skirts or dresses

Short dress should of course not be missing, but in the current years style. We will see light short and dresses in bleached denim in the streets. Have you already seen from the short skirt shop2fashion as beautiful base piece to a leather tough look.
Skinny short are still there, but are less likely to occur. They come in different colors and often with a high waist. The short pants can be made of other materials in addition to denim. The shape of the seams are quirky in shape or rather straight. The contrasting color of piping and stitching are striking details.

The velvet dress

The street style has been a source of inspiration for the velvet dress for designers. This does not only have to be neat, but can also be worn casually. Combine the dress with a nice high heels.