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Unusual Places To Visit In London

City of dreams is famous for its food, hotels and many more things but it is also famous for its unusual places which actually exist. If we dig deep, a person can actually find many places to visit which can be thrilling. But wait, how unusual these places actually are? Let’s find out!

Dennis Severs’ House

This house is known as a time capsule attraction. Visitors are submerged in a unique form of theater. The original Huguenot house contains ten rooms. There is a still life drama which is actually an escorted tour and its creator is an American named Dennis Severs who puts up the show every time. This show takes you to the dining room, kitchen, upstairs to bedrooms, smoking room and through the cellar with objects scattered, candles burning and smells lingering. It feels like inhabitants have deserted the rooms just moments ago. This tour of Dennis Severs’ house is not suitable for children as it is conducted in silence.

God’s Own Junkyard

Neon artist named Chris Barcey showcased his personal collection of work in a reclaimed yard in Walthamstow. It contains everything including his work for the movie industry, the pieces used in Eyes Wide Shut, Captain America, Byzantium and many more as well as his signage for Soho clubs in late 60s. You will also find his artwork if you keep looking.

House of Dreams

In East Dulwich, you will see a normal looking street but you might find a not so normal looking house, well-known as House of Dreams. This house took the concept of one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and is still running with this inspirational concept. The artist named Stephen Wright is trying to cover every available surface he can find in this house. Whether it is pen lids or abandoned dolls, everything here is a magical hideaway that’s only available for public, just a few days every year.

Clowns Gallery-Museum London

This gallery consists of Britain’s most famous clowns’ used and worn clothes. One unofficial rule of clowns is that it is impossible for two specific performers to have the same make-up on. A practice of painting unique design onto an egg was done to ensure that clowns weren’t duplicating each other’s look. The museum consists of more than 200 of these eggs. It opens on first Friday of every month. It is only accessible by pressing the doorbell located to the rear of a Church also known as Cumberland Close.


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We can say that London has the most surprising and unusual places to visit. If you ever feel like having a thrill in your life, don’t forget to visit London. It has the most luxurious and hotels and delicious food you would love to have when you are hungry after taking visits to the mentioned unusual places or elsewhere.