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Water pumps

In a country that has to deal with rain nearly half its year, it might be worth investing into some kind of water pump. Water pumps are versatile pieces op equipment, especially suited to deal with all your water transportation needs. There are loads of different kinds of water pumps, each suited to specific tasks. A dab water pump for example is best used for draining a flooded cellar. 

Dab water pumps are placed into the body of water that needs to be transported, after which the water or other fluids can be transported through the hose. Dab water pumps are versatile in the sense that they are not limited to just water. They can deal with small clutter in the water, like dirt and gravel. They can also be used for other fluids or semi-fluids, like manure. 


Another example of a water pump that can be used for non-water or semi-water substances is the macerator pump. A macerator pump is a pump that’s mostly used indoor for human wastes. A macerator pump is used in situations in which a place that deals with a lot of human wastes, like toilets, sinks and showers, cannot easily be connected to the main drainage pipes. In these situations macerator pumps can connect the few pipes extending from the sink, toilet or shower and connect them to the main drainage pipes. Most human waste is not exactly liquid, which means that it would take a lot of energy to for example lift all the waste one or a couple of floors. This would be the case if the main drainage pipes were located on ground level and you decided to install a new toilet in the cellar or some similar case. Macerating is the process of turning solids into a slurry, using existing liquids. This makes the waste easier to transport and saves a bunch of energy.



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