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What Data Erasure is All About

If you own a business organization, you are fully aware that your data is very important. If it falls into the wrong hands, it can ruin your business reputation. Hackers are always looking for data about your organization to penetrate in. It is crucial to be aware of where these data might be found to erase them. It may be found in laptops that have already been sold. Thankfully, there is a way you can stop this and save your company or business from a potential hacker. The solution to that is to use a data erasure. It is a software from Blancco that makes your data carrier unreadable by simply overwriting it in a certain way. Keep reading to understand how you can utilize it for your benefit.

Advantages of a Data Erasure

• It is recommended by leading organizations in the world.

• Clients get a detailed report confirming that data has been erased successfully

• The media can be reused and resold with complete peace of mind • Offers protection against hackers

What Companies Should Consider using a Data Erasure

There is no specific company that should and should not use a data erasure because there are some instances that every company needs a data erasure to ensure their important information is safe. Such circumstances are;


One may require to replace specific office gadgets just when they are at the end of their lifecycle. The first thing is to ensure the data contained in those gargets have been successfully erased before recycling them.


When taking the organization’s laptop to be used in other employments, ensure all the information there has been erased. That way, it will be safe to hand over the computer to the new user.


At some point, one may feel the need to sell organizational devices to replace them with new ones. The first thing to do is to have all your data erased. Then you can hand it over knowing that the company’s information is safe.

Why Do I Need a Data Erasure?

Avoid Hefty Penalties

Businesses are usually fined when they do not dispose of their data properly. Every time an organization gets a security breach, they are fined heavily. To avoid this, use a data erasure to protect your company from losing tons of money.

Your Data Can Be Recovered

Remember that your data can be found anywhere. This is why it is essential to use a data erasure to ensure nobody gets important information from your company.

Removes Data Completely

A data erasure completely alters the data that was in your devices. It ensures your data is completely erased, and no one can ever recover it.

Free up some Space

If you have tones of data stored in your hard disk and no longer necessary, a data erasure can help you free up some space by ensuring they are entirely removed. A Data erasure is an excellent solution for most companies, especially those at risk of being hacked. It ensures that devices are safely disposed of or recycled without worrying about information leaking into the wrong hands.