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What does squash do for your body?

Squash is a wide-known sport that is popular in a lot of different countries across Europe and the rest of the world. It is a sport that is played on every continent. It is quite known that squash is one of the healthiest sports there is. It is even called the healthiest sport by the likes of Forbes. They have launched a huge research across various sports. The reason behind this is that they wanted to know which sports suit which body types and why. 

In this research, Forbes tested different sports on different variables. These variables were picked and ordered based on the health of the human body. Examples of these variables are how much calories burned in half an hour and the risk of injury. Squash came out on top with both of these. The risk on injuries is very low and the amount of calories that are burned is extremely high. With over 500 calories burned in half an hour you can get a great work-out in within minutes playing squash.

This is very suitable for these day and age where everyone is very busy with their schedules, work and social life. It’s great for people to be able to have a quick and exhausting workout in minutes by playing squash. 

To really be able to explain why squash is this healthy it’s important to exactly know what squash is.

Squash is a sport that is played in a closed room. Usually two players whom compete against each other to win games and points play it. Points are won by making the ball bounce twice before the opponent gets to it. This is quite hard since both squash players really want to win.

The fact that the game is played in a closed room makes the game extra competitive. The game surrounds the fact that both players have to get control over the same area. This makes it a physical sport too.

It’s important, if you want to get better at squash, to use the right squash material. The right squash outfit consists of a few things that are very needed in making the most out of your game and efforts. A squash racket and squash shoes are the main things that make up a great squash outfit. Having a squash racket will extend your game and the squash shoes will make you faster. It’s possible to get these squash items at a squash webshop like QSS Squash.