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What’s the best way to track your ads?

Google has exceptional traffic tracking software and Google Analytics is an excellent free tool that makes web analytics accessible to the masses. As the saying goes, “Garbage in, garbage out.” Google Analytics’ attribution data is looking at how you allocate credit for your traffic. Let’s say you’re looking at the performance of a traffic source. The first thing you should know is that Google’s excellent analytics software comes with its own set of perks. Google Analytics is a free tool that makes web analytics accessible to the masses. What is the media attribution definition which is helpful for marketers?


Google does a good job of tracking data, but there is a difference between collecting and interpreting it. The downside to relying on Google for the interpretation of your data is that it can’t be used for attribution purposes. Google is a great resource for collecting data. But, if you want to make sense of your data, there’s a difference between just looking at it and looking at it with intent. To really understand your data, you’ll need to take a deeper dive into the numbers. For example, there are two key downsides to relying on Google for data interpretation. Especially good for Criteo marketers.


Google is not the only game in town. With Odyssey Attribution, you get to see the full picture. Our platform is unbiased, which means you can trust our data and calculations. We take the extra steps to make sure all parties are represented fairly. Google isn’t an objective player. At the very least, it will favor its own products, such as Google Ads, which is one of their cash cows. As a result, marketing attribution tools like Odyssey Attribution have no incentive to mask data or safeguard any parties. With unbiased data, you’ll have access to the most accurate information possible. All calculations are based on a complete picture because there are no hidden or misleading agendas to skew your data.


Secondly, Google Analytics doesn’t allow you to connect with cost data sources at all. Without the ability to see the costs of advertising campaigns, it’s impossible to make attribution decisions or even to run a business. Odyssey imports cost data from Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Awin and Impact Radius. This allows users to see how their current media spend changes based on suggested changes in media spend.