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Why companies use skill management software for their employers

Big companies like Philips and TomTom working with/ or implanting skill management software. Skill management software gives your employer grip on their development within their professional careers. As an owner, you have to consider to implant it.

Skill management gives you the possibility to see the knowledge and skills of your employers. Especially within big companies, it is invaluable to have a good view of the skills knowledge and skills of your employers.

Skill management software helps your employers with their career development. You can see easily which employee would fit the job the most, or where they have to work on to be a better employee. Another great thing about skill management software is that employees can see their progress, so you can set goals with hem.

Another big advantage of skill management software is that you can fit your job roles with the right people. You know exactly what you want from someone that is applying for a specific job role. Skill management software gives you a clear view of what skills you have and what skills you are looking for. 

Do you want to get the most out of your employees? Do you want employees with the right skillset and motivation, then we advise you to use a proven system. There are numerous good skill management software providers. One of them is called AG5, they are well known about their proven skills management software