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Coffee myths that needs to be debunked

Coffee is something that is present everywhere. People start their day with a cup of coffee with a certain amount milk and sugar in it, according to their taste. Also, coffee is a beverage that is consumed in every continent and state of the world. However, this much usage also comes with some misconceptions. These misconceptions travel throughout the world and at last becomes a myth that is believed by thousands of people. Here are some common myths about coffee that needs to be debunked:

  1. Coffee will help you in the weight loss process:

Weight loss is the concern of thousands of people. They look for ways with the help of which they can lose the weight. Apart from all other advice for this purpose, some people suggest that consuming coffee will help in the decreasing the existing weight of a person. This is a myth. Coffee will not at all help you in this process. Although it can slightly stimulate your digestive system that does not mean that it will create a huge difference.

  1. The afternoon cup of coffee will cause insomnia:

It is a quite common myth about coffee that if you have one cup in the afternoon, you will not be able to sleep at night. This myth needs to be debunked. Caffeine, when consumed, is processed through your body at a high speed. As a result, the cup you drank goes out of your body within three to four hours of consumption. So having a cup of coffee in afternoon will not hinder your sleep pattern.

  1. Coffee should not be consumed during pregnancy:

Pregnancy is a time that should be spent with extreme care. The patterns of eating drastically change as the needs of pregnant women are quite different from other women. It is believed that pregnant women should not consume coffee as it will be harmful to the baby and mother. It’s not true although doctors’ advice mother to limit their consumption that does not mean that they should not have it at all.

  1. Coffee will stunt your growth:

This myth about coffee is existing since forever. People believe that consuming coffee will stunt the growth of a person. This is the main reason due to which mothers do not let their children consume coffee. Again, this myth needs to be debunked. Coffee does not hinder the development of a human. People who consume coffee will develop as same as the ones who do not consume it. Also, there is no scientific evidence of this misconception.


These are some common myths about coffee that should be debunked. Tassimo pods offer you the best quality coffee that tastes quite good. All you have to do is to experience it without focusing on the myths that you hear. Enjoy your cup of coffee with a free mind.