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FACTS ABOUT ultrasoonbad written by: christkanja Ultrasonic cleaning is the effect generated by micro-activated high frequency currents in a cleaning fluid . This form of energy is the one that facilitates cleaning even without brushing, scrubbing or even scratching. The principle involved is the sound of the cleaning liquid that causes cavitation. This form technology has been proved effective in different sectors that range from automotive to home. GEt more information about rvs profielen. It is an effective way for industrial and technical maintenance cleaning. Some of the sectors includes; electronic plastic, medical industries and pharmaceuticals, optical, metal and electroplating.

Here are some other areas where the ultrasonic cleaning have been proven effective:

Cleaning pharmaceuticals components

It is commonly used to clean pharmaceutical pump parts, filling needles and is very effective. The additional features may bring about more noise. In bath cleaning, it is as well equipped with a lift which oscillates and consequently brings about some extra flushing in spaces that are hollow and in capillaries. For easy monitoring and control some parameters to control have been installed. However the installation of the system may at a higher price.

Cleaning Heat Exchangers

The heat exchangers are cleaned using the system. With this form, large and heavy parts are cleaned. They are rotated with a weight of even up to 30 tons. The cleaning effect has a scaling off effect on the material they come into contact with. This is done putting in mind the suitable ph range to use on the material in question. For built in cleaning systems, like the road and sea transport, a system is well built that includes the platform, generators and power supply, storage tanks, a waste disposal system, and a air – conditioned control room.

Cylinder Head Cleaning

The cleaning system is also effective when it comes to cleaning engine parts like the pistons and other parts that are not easily cleaned. A thorough removal of oil, carbon deposits and grease is assured of when you chose to use ultrasonic cleaning. With lift and oscillation movements even the cylinder heads are super cleaned. The cleaning is fully insulated and you do not have to worry about anything. The temperatures used here can go as high as 75 degrees and therefore gives good results.

Major pharmaceutical and other large industries have adopted it for easy and effective cleaning. Machines for heat exchanging and automotive sectors have also been on the front line. It would therefore be unfair if you don’t try it and see for yourself. I can positively assure you of the best results