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Pimping your leather shoes

Painting what an awesome solution to make the world a little bit more beautiful. You can paint a lot, for example the outside of your house. Besides it gives your house a better look it’s also good for maintenance. So painting is very important, you can do it yourself or let someone else do it for you.


Painting wood is also well known. You paint it for the same reasons, giving it a better look and for the maintenance so you can enjoy your wooden items for many years. There are many different kinds of paint and also in many different price categories. There is almost no end in the range of paints for wood.


The nice thing of painting is that you can make items unique. Did you know that you can paint leather? The awesome solution to make for example your shoes that are still in a good condition but already 10 years old and not trendy anymore, hip again.


The nice part about painting shoes is that you can make your shoes unique. Do you only have leather shoes or do you also have other clother that are made of leather? Now it is your time to make these pieces matching.  You can also try to be matching with your friends or boyfriend/girlfriend.


Normal shoe dye exists but also dye for your suede shoes exists. You can find suede shoe dye online in the shop; leatherpaint.co.uk. A world of different dyes for different kind of leather and in different price categories opens. In the webshop you can find dyes for your clothes but there are also dyes for your interior. So do you have some spare time, use that time to do a total make-over of your outfit but also your house. More information can be found at leatherpoint.co.uk. Good luck and have fun painting!