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Selection of front door lock types

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Below we have put together information about different locks for you to read up on before our meeting.

Mechanical locks are still the most common locking type for exterior doors, but on the other hand there is a wide range of electromechanical locks and locking accessories.

Mechanical locks are the traditional lock that opens only with a physical key and a lock cylinder.

Electromechanical locks consist of both mechanical and electronic components, where the electronics enable different opening options such as code, remote control, fitting tray, mobile phone and biometric opening.

Passer system is a system of interconnected electromechanical locks with central control and logging. Passenger systems are used, however, primarily for commercial real estate and tenant-owner associations, and not for individual housing.

Electromechanical locking accessories, no lock is used in conjunction with an existing lock, a popular locking accessory is a motor driven 

Opening options

The above lock types provide different opening options, all of which have their pros and cons. In principle, all opening options are as safe, provided that

Key – For best security, lock is recommended with patented (copy protected) key systems such as the ASSA d12 series.

Code is the most common opening option for electromechanical locks. The number of codes that can be stored and the length of the code (number of digits) differs between different code locks.

Fitting card are a small plastic card that act as electronic keys. The advantage of fitting trays is that you can easily hand them out, ie you do not have to go to a locksmith to copy keys. In addition, you can lock individual trays when they are lost or stolen, so do not replace all lock cylinders that you have to do with mechanical locks.

The mobile phone is another popular tool for controlling electromechanical locks and locking accessories. The connection to the lock can be done both in place via Bluetooth and remotely through the Internet (WLAN) and the control is done by special apps. The advantage is that you can easily share “digital” keys via SMS or email to other people like friends, neighbors, suppliers, craftsmen and more.

Biometric opening means that you need nothing but your own body to identify and open a lock. The most common biometric lock today uses fingerprint reader.

Remote controls provide an additional opportunity to control electromechanical locks and locking devices through radio communication.
Basically, all of the above opening options are as safe, provided that they are handled properly (for example, long and complicated codes should always be used instead of short simple ones like “1234”, etc.). 


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