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This company offers high-quality whey protein concentrates

Are you looking for an experienced manufacturer that offers high-quality, tasty whey protein concentrates? Then take a look at the products and services Interfood offers you. As a note from the chairman of this company says: “dairy is in this companies’ DNA, it is in the heart of everything this company does”. And not a word is untrue about that. Interfood is a leading global dairy supplier that facilitates the distribution of millions of dairy products worldwide. Are you curious what this company can offer you, especially related to whey protein concentrates?

A leading company in dairy products like whey protein concentrates

Whey protein concentrates help you gain muscles or lose weight. It can be used as a supplement. If you focus on one (or both) of these things in your life right now, these concentrates are of added value in your daily eating pattern. If you are looking for high-quality whey protein concentrates with great flavor, then you are in luck: these are one of the top products that Interfood supplies. The concentrates are developed by expert manufacturers and are based on over 45 years of experience. Every product is developed with great care and expertise. Every whey protein concentrate is developed from sweet cheese whey. The process includes ultra-filtration, followed by evaporation and spray drying. The result is a complete protein which has a low amount of lactose content and a sweet, milky flavor.

Get in touch with this specialized company

If you are looking for the best of the best when it comes to whey protein concentrates, then get your products from Interfood! It is understandable that you have some questions. If you do, you can easily get in touch with the friendly, experienced employees of this company. They are very willing to help you out. You can find the contact details on their website.